Nanciyaga is the place where the northernmost tropical jungles of the planet, with its countless diversity in anim al and plant life, meets the lake and mineral waters that give life and movement to the surroundings, taking the visitor back to the origin in harmony with nature. Safeguarding the surroundings and favoring it with sustainable ecotourism, Nanciyaga offers the tourist a different leisure alternative, from guided visits of the place to participating in such pre-Hispanic traditions as the temazcal bath.


Nanciyaga has 12 cabins by the Lake of Catemaco, built to provide peace and rest to guests.

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The guided tour in the jungle lasts approximately 60 minutes in which, besides the jungle itself, you can appreciate mostly Olmec pre-Hispanic sculpture reproductions, an open air monolith theater where plays and concerts are held occasionally.

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Typical dishes from the region are prepared with homegrown ingredients and bread baked in our wood oven made of stone. With the best view of the lake.

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ALL-INCLUSIVE HEALTH PACKAGE Surrounding yourself with vegetation and water springs, and being away from urban noise will help you feel better and more relaxed. With its 14 hectares of tropical forest and being on the shore of one of the three largest lakes of the country, Nanciyaga offers rest, detoxification, relaxation. The all-inclusive health package […]

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